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Mission Statement of In The Pursuit

by | Jun 4, 2022

Mission Statement: Provide Solutions and Resources to Brain Health and Traumatic Brain Injury recovery, including Post-concussion Syndrome. Improve Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-being.

Earlier in the year, I have told you that I have made some goals for my channel, one of those goals is to have guests. I realize that I do not have all the answers but I want to bring people who have more information for you, to improve your physical brain, thus improving your mental well-being.

My roadmap is for In The Pursuit is beyond just a podcast. I am working to bring a central resource center to you, a center that will provide as much information, education, and recovery as possible. Giving you the tools for healing and for hope.

And, part of that road map, provide a central community for you to turn too where more people can come together and commune online, sharing ideas

You do not need to suffer, and for certain, not suffer alone.

I am David Pehrson. I am Your Brain Health Advocate.

Tune in for a Live broadcast on Tuesday, June 7 at 7:00 PM Central Daylight Time with my guest, that will correlate your eyes and the health of your brain.

And if you have questions, please place them in the chat so that we can interact with you and answer your questions.


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