In The Pursuit

My TBI Story, aka Post-Concussive Syndrome

by | Sep 25, 2020

Introducing In The Pursuit with David Pehrson.  David is in the pursuit of a better life to help sustain his family, including his 3 children.  David is experienced in Online Advertising, helped companies across the United States gain more customers.  One day, David has a life-changing experience, a car accident, that caused an unexpected injury that led him on a path of discovery.  David is sharing with you his story and journey.


Bad Days With Post Concussion Syndrome

Bad Days With Post Concussion Syndrome I've been having a lousy year dealing with post-concussion syndrome. The everyday push is overwhelming, and the cognitive dysfunction has been ever-increasing. Bad days happen with PCS, and that's okay. I'm sharing with you...

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What Do You See? Eyes in Brain Health with Kristin Siddall

Mission Statement of In The Pursuit Mission Statement: Provide Solutions and Resources to Brain Health and Traumatic Brain Injury recovery, including Post-concussion Syndrome. Improve Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-being. Earlier in the year, I have...

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