In The Pursuit

Thinking About Life

by | May 31, 2021

I’m thinking through life, about my struggling small business, mental health, financial obligations, support for my wife and children. Being almost 40 with nothing to give or leave is taking a toll on my thought process. Yet, I know whom I can trust. In this episode, I tell you a little more about myself.


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Bad Days With Post Concussion Syndrome

Bad Days With Post Concussion Syndrome I've been having a lousy year dealing with post-concussion syndrome. The everyday push is overwhelming, and the cognitive dysfunction has been ever-increasing. Bad days happen with PCS, and that's okay. I'm sharing with you...

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What Do You See? Eyes in Brain Health with Kristin Siddall

Mission Statement of In The Pursuit Mission Statement: Provide Solutions and Resources to Brain Health and Traumatic Brain Injury recovery, including Post-concussion Syndrome. Improve Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Well-being. Earlier in the year, I have...

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